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Check out the latest article on First Person View flying.  Go to "Technical" subtab under "Home" tab.

Monthly Meetings
 Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month.  We meet at Round Table Pizza, 11095 Warner Ave. Fountain Valley.  Executive staff meets at 6:15 PM and the general meeting is from 7 to 9 PM.  Bring family and friends.  Prices are $6.99 for all you can eat.  We usually have great lectures, raffles, and show and tell.


Flying Permits

The City of Costa Mesa has increased the cost of annual flying permits to $25 as of Nov 2012.



2013 Club Officers


Jesse Calleros

Vice President:   
Henry Smith III
Jim  Hanson
Ted Broberg
General Director:    
Henry Smith III
Contest     Coordinator:   
Henry Smith III
Safety Officer:   
Dave Whittington
Fred Hesse
Mike Gaczkowski
Club     Photographer:   
Rob Askegaard
Flight    Instructor:  
Ted Broberg







Welcome to Harbor Soaring Society!

The Tustin Blimp Hangar Project


The Harbor Soaring Society


has an opportunity to work with


the Orange County Parks Dept.


to hopefully make the Tustin


Blimp Hangar accessable to


indoor model enthusiasts.  Go


to the above tab titled "Blimp


Hangar Project" for details.



At right is a group of flyers inside


the hangar, and below, one of the


rubber powered free flight


models by Kang Lee.



Photos Courtesy of Brian Furutani.



Presentation made by John Rittenhouse to the Fairview



Park Citizens Advisory Committee, 19 Aug 2013.


This is a 3 part slide show.  Select as desired.  Scroll down to view


complete document,


       Presentation Part 1.


       Presentation Part 2.


     Presentation Part 3.




April member meeting featured Lucien Miller of Innov8tive Designs

Lucien Miller at April meetingIt is rare when you can keep the attention of our meeting members for more than 3 minutes but our guest speaker on April 3rd had us riveted to his presentation for a full hour. Lucien Miller is the owner and President of Innov8tive Designs in Vista, California. He took this opportunity not merely to advertise his products but primarily to educate us on the hows and whys of model power systems. We all have bits and pieces of information on electric power systems for model aircraft but after Lucien's presentation we had the facts on how to select a proper power system for our own models. The lecture was reinforced with a Powerpoint presentation and a couple of handouts with all the important points to remember.You can download the 2 documents here.


Selecting Power Systems

Electric Power Systems Key Points

It's difficult not to notice Lucien's dedication to educating the modeling public. In addition to giving informative lectures, he has a youtube channel for innov8tive and lots of good info on their company sales website at innov8tivedesigns,com. Our next club newsletter will have more details on Lucien and Innov8tive Designs.



Site Operating Procedures:

We have designed this web site to accommodate three groups of users: visitors, members, and officers.  Nearly all of this site is public and may viewed by any visitor.  There is no need to register as a visitor, as nothing will come of it.  Members, including officers are invited to register on their first visit, and then employ their User Name and Password each time they return.  Allow 24 hours before member access is implemented.  

Members will then have access to a special page that contains member confidential documents and forms.  Officers will be able to view all member pages plus several pages of officer confidential documents, forms, and executive information.

All viewers are invited to peruse the tabs beneath our beautiful banner, and the sub pages shown beneath the tabs.  Some outstanding technical documents on soaring, electric power, and model aircraft design are included.  Sources for analysis programs, components, and links to other model clubs in the Southern California area are also provided.

Fairview Park is a public flying site, and does not require HSS membership to fly there.  However a City of Costa Mesa flying permit is required, and every pilot must have some form of public liability insurance.  Being an AMA member is most highly recommended.  See the
Rules for details.

We do not copyright any material or photographs, so copies may be made by any viewer.  All are invited to comment or report problems to the
web site administrator.






Harbor Soaring Society Video Slide Show


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The beautiful sailplane on our banner belongs to Larry Westman.  The photo was taken at our slope soaring bluff in Fairview Park.  The model is a Robbe Modellsport ASW-19 with 3.13 meter wing span.

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